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Surex Direct Online Condo Insurance

Condo insurance is essential for insuring your private property and any aspect of your unit that isn't included in your condo association's policy. Your broker will be able to provide you up to 10 quotes, to ensure you get the coverage suited to your needs.

Before we get started on your personalized quote, it is important to know what coverage your condo association has. Your condo association's policy will provide one of the following three types of coverage:

  1. A policy with coverage insuring the primary building and common areas only.
  2. A policy with coverage insuring your building and any items in your unit that aren't personal property.
  3. A policy with coverage insuring your building, your unit and improvements made to the unit.

Online Condo Insurance Coverage in Canada

Regardless of the condo association coverage you have, you will need condo insurance to cover the personal contents in your unit. This can relate to property such as furniture, home entertainment systems and clothing.

Condo insurance protects you from liability. In the event that someone gets injured while at your place, your liability coverage will help you with settlement costs. Be sure to choose a liability limit capable of protecting all your assets. This will help ensure your online quote's accuracy.

Again, depending on your condo association's policy, you can be covered for any upgrades and improvements you've made to you unit.

You can also get a quote to further secure your condo unit, in case you association's coverage doesn't protect you fully against loss or damage.

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Surex Direct Online Tenant's Insurance

Even though you may be living in a space for a temporary period, it is important to insure the items that are yours permanently. We'll provide you up to 10 quotes - to ensure you get the best coverage on your tenant's insurance - for the cheapest price.

Our tenant's insurance (renter's insurance) can extend three-fold, to give you the peace of mind that you're safe in someone else's property.

Your quote can include:

  1. Protection for your personal items from theft, loss or damage.
  2. Personal liability coverage, in the unfortunate case that someone is injured while at your home.
  3. Living expenses, if you need to temporarily relocate due to damage or loss.

Speak to your broker about bundling your tenant’s insurance with your auto insurance policy. Many companies offer a large enough discount that your tenant’s policy almost pays for itself.

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Condo & Tenant’s Insurance FAQ

What provinces does Surex Direct offer condo and tenant’s insurance in?

We are currently able to process policies in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan and Yukon.