Insurance Aggregators: What They Are & How They Work

If you’ve ever searched online for car, home or business insurance, odds are you’ve clicked onto a website of an insurance aggregator.

What is an insurance aggregator?!

An insurance aggregator is a website used to get insurance quotes. Aggregators will have some type of quote form on their website, for customers to fill out and get estimates on what their insurance will cost.

Even though the aggregator doesn’t issue the policy, it’s a useful tool for helping customers shop the market and collecting potential customer information.

Are Insurance Aggregator’s Prices Accurate?

As alluded to previously, an insurance aggregator provides an estimate on price. If all the information you provide on an aggregator website is accurate, you’ll be very close to that price with the insurance company your policy is placed with.

Some people can get frustrated at big differences in price from an aggregator to an actual insurance company. The main reason for big differences is inaccurate information being put into the quote form on the aggregator website, whether done purposely or not. The more accurate you are putting in your information, the more accurate your quote from an insurance aggregator will be.

If you’ve had a recent claim or ticket(s), you might as well just save yourself some stress and be forthcoming about it. For car insurance, every insurance company will pull your driving record before approving insurance coverage for you. Every one. Every single time.

Insurance Aggregator Accuracy

When comparing the policy you receive from an insurance brokerage or company versus an aggregator website, be sure you’re comparing apples to apples, policy-wise. Are you comparing the same coverages? Are the deductible sizes the same?

Taking the time to make sure you’re comparing like-for-like can help alleviate concerns you have about differences in price, as well as ensure you’re getting the appropriate coverage, with a deductible you’re comfortable paying (should the need arise).

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Why do Insurance Companies Use Insurance Aggregators?

Insurance brokerages and companies use aggregators as a way to generate leads. Instead of cold calling or waiting for individuals to walk through the doors of their bricks and mortar business, brokerages and companies – especially those in the online insurance space – will pay aggregators to refer business to them.

Insurance Company Using Insurance Aggregator

All companies will have different ways to position themselves in front of their target customer. Just because one way is right or wrong for a company doesn’t mean it will be right or wrong for another. It all depends on each company’s business model.

Does Surex Direct Use Insurance Aggregators?


Surex Direct is a 100% online insurance brokerage in Canada. Along with traffic that is generated organically, through partnerships, as well as paid advertising, Surex Direct also gets a portion of their leads through the insurance aggregator space. An aggregator, just like their other ventures, puts their business in front of people who are actively shopping the market for the products they offer.

Insurance Aggregator Partnership

Again, it is essential to note that your price quoted off an aggregator website versus what a real life insurance company is willing to take on your business at can vary. This isn’t said to diminish or take anything any from aggregator markets, but it’s important to know that aggregators aren’t actually the one placing or taking on your business.

Insurance aggregators are a great tool in helping put those looking for insurance in contact with those offering insurance.

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