Surex’s AI & Machine Learning Endeavours Garners Another Tech Accolade

MAGRATH, AB – Fresh off being recognized as the 22nd top revenue growth company in Canada for 2018 – and the top placed Alberta business – on Canadian Business's Growth 500 Canada list, Surex has started 2019 by being named a finalist for this year’s Insurance Canada Technology Award.

The award ceremony, set to take place February 26th at 4:00 pm in Toronto’s Beanfield Centre, recognizes and celebrates the latest technology achievements within the Canadian insurance industry.

Surex has created an artificial intelligence system for document processing, which has increased their billing team’s productivity by over 25%. As the fastest growing insurance company in Canada, this AI advancement has been essential to keeping up with their rapid growth.

‘’Our intelligent software learns from our staff members’ decisions", says Lance Miller, CEO of Surex. Our team has created our own algorithms & techniques that allow our system to autonomously adapt to change. In an industry where policies, standards & regulations are always in flux, this is a massive advantage to have.’’

Around 40% of all billing tickets are now created automatically, including initial contact with the customer in most cases, by the intelligent system. Intelligent automation is also allowing Surex’s audit team to check policies up to 50% faster. When it comes to auto policy renewals, this is especially instrumental in getting the most out of Surex’s behind-the-scenes teams.

‘’These increases in efficiency have allowed us to redirect some of our hiring dollars from support roles to broker roles,’’ says Matthew Alston, COO of Surex ."Support roles will always exist. When you’re one of the fastest growing companies in the country, you need to allocate your resources strategically & make sure you’re getting the most out of every department.’’

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