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Quote, Compare & Buy With Canada's First Online Insurance Broker

Surex Direct becomes first and only Canadian broker to offer complete online solutions for auto, business and home insurance policies

Alberta Auto and Home Insurance Broker Surex Direct announced today the launch of an online service where customers can instantly comparison shop quotes on auto or home insurance, purchase policies and print proof of insurance all at one site. Surex Direct also offers clients the ability to re-shop their policies on their renewal date to potentially find new discounts or services.

Previously only available through phone or email and sometimes requiring up to a 12 hour wait, the company’s SureQuote service now allows shoppers to instantly receive five quotes online at no charge after filling in the required information. If a customer chooses to purchase a policy, they can do so from start to finish using the site’s E-signature technology. Surex Direct clients can also re-shop their policies on their renewal date with the site’s “Pulse” service, which monitors the prices and services of insurance providers. If a customer finds a more valuable policy, they have the option to change over directly at the site.

"Surex Direct is the first and only broker in Canada to provide full service online solutions for self-managed, competitive insurance policies. We go above and beyond what the average broker in Alberta offers, which is usually whatever insurer is most convenient or profitable for them. With Surex Direct Alberta residents can instantly find the lowest premiums and discounts they qualify for, sign up for a policy, and manage their accounts all in their pajamas,” said Matt Alston, Surex Direct Managing Partner.

The Surex Direct website ( empowers customers to find the most beneficial provider for their needs and to manage their policies 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The company’s approach goes outside the traditional method of securing auto and home insurance policies in Alberta, which often involves delegating arrangements to brokers with a one-size-fits-all approach.

For more information, please visit, or contact Matt Alston at 403-388-2388.

About Surex Direct

Surex Direct is an online insurance broker providing auto and home insurance to Alberta residents. Surex Direct does not have any brick and mortar branches but customer service agents can be reached at 1-855-MY-SUREX. Social responsibility is a core aspect of how Surex Direct does business. A percentage of Surex Direct profits are awarded to charities in Alberta through its Direct Affiliate program.