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Northwest Territories Home Insurance

How does Surex Direct find me cheaper home insurance quotes in Northwest Territories?

Surex Direct compares up to 10 quotes – from Northwest Territories’ top home insurance providers – to get you the lowest rate on your home insurance policy. We have partnered with the most renowned insurers in Canada to be able to get you your best price.To begin your Northwest Territories home insurance quote, there’s a few things we will need to know about your home. Please, have ready the square footage of your house, the year it was built and any information relating to upgrades and modifications.Insurance made simple. Get your personalized offer today.

Average Household Composition in Northwest Territories

Household Number
1 person 3,475
2 person 4,240
3 person 2,660
4 person 2,325
5 person 1,170
6 person & up 830

Of the 14,700 total types of households in Northwest Territories, over half (53%) are single or two-person occupied.

Canadian National Average Home Price

According to, the 2015 Canadian average home price was $440,000. In Yellowknife, that will get you a 1,520 square-foot detached home with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Furthermore, the average price of a home has increased 14.7% from March 2014 to March 2015, in the territory’s capital.

Ways to Lower Your Northwest Territories Home Insurance Premiums

Get an alarm system. A more secure home carries less risk – it’s that simple.

Bundle your home and auto insurance policies. Surex Direct, unlike most insurance providers, can bundle your top home insurance quote with your best auto insurance quote – even if the offers are from competing companies. You get the best of both worlds.

Pay annually. If you can budget an annual, lump-sum payment, you will pay 3-4% less - over the course of the year - for your home insurance premium than by making monthly payments.

Increase your deductible. If you can afford a larger deductible, in the case you’d need to exercise your policy, this will lower your home insurance premiums.

Get a home insurance policy that matches your needs. Spend time going over the specifics of your policy. Understand the coverage you have and how it’d be applied, if needed.

Get a credit check. Most companies we work with provide discounts for people who have been responsible borrowers. Insurers are more likely to trust someone that manages their credit well. Having good credit can help you save hundreds of dollars per year on your home insurance.

NWT Home Insurance FAQ

What are the benefits of bundling home and auto insurance with Surex Direct, as opposed to another company?

Just as we compare Canada's elite insurance providers to find you the cheapest home insurance rate, we do likewise with auto insurance. As a true insurance broker, we are then able to combine the best pair of quotes - even if it's two different companies providing the best quote in each category.

Who needs home Insurance?

In the simplest answer, everyone. If you own your home, you will want protection on both your physical home and the valuables inside. If you rent out a home, you will want coverage on the physical space. If you're a renter/tenant, you will want to insure your possessions in case of damage or theft.

What is covered?

We provide cheap home insurance to look after the bricks and mortar part of your home, as well as your possessions inside. You can get online home insurance to protect against fire, fixes and repairs. You can be covered from inclement weather such as wind, hail and lightning. Our coverage also extends to protect your valuables from theft.

Should I only disclose the claims I've had in my current home that I want to insure?

In Canada, your claims history follows you, not the home. If you've had home insurance claims in previous houses, they must also be disclosed. Be prepared to disclose at least the most recent 10 years.

Why is my current home insurance rate cheaper than the quotes on you website?

Every insurance company in Canada quotes differently. If you've bundled auto and home insurance with the same company, you can see the discount on each. If you want to get a more accurate quote online, include both your home and your auto information.