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Alberta Business Insurance

How does Surex Direct find me cheaper business insurance quotes in Alberta?

Surex Direct provides Albertans with the best business insurance policies by comparing up to 10 offers – from Alberta’s top business insurance providers – to find a policy that matches your needs. Insurance made simple. Speak to a broker or get started online on your personalized offer today.

Alberta Business Insurance Quote

Getting your Alberta business insurance quote is a simple, three step process.

  1. Enter information - Fill in the online quote form. Once your information is entered, you will be assigned a personal broker. The form takes less than five minutes to complete. Forget a detail? That is fine. The system will allow you to modify your information, at any time.
  2. Your broker will contact you shortly. The better you detail the specifics about your business to your broker, the more likely they can negotiate the cheapest commercial rate for you with the underwriters. It can take anywhere from a couple hours to a couple days to get your quote, due to the negotiation and comparing process.
  3. Review your made-for-you quote with your broker.

Private Sector Breakdown in Alberta

Small businesses (1-49 employees) account for 35% of all private sector employment in Alberta. Medium-sized businesses (50-299 employees) represented 21%. Large businesses (300+ employees) make up 44% of private sector employment in the wild rose province.


Resources to Help Get Your Small Business Started in Alberta

There are many services available to Albertans to help them on their business venture. A few are:

  1. Agricultural Financial Services Corporation
  2. Alberta Small Business Resources
  3. Alberta Women Entrepreneurs
  4. Business Link
  5. Canadian Franchise Association
  6. Community Futures
  7. Services for Small Business – Western Economic Diversification Canada

Resources to Help Get Your Small Business Started in Canada

The Government of Canada has a ‘Canada Business Network’ section, where business owners can filter by province and business type to see what financial resources are available to them. Visit to find out more.

Alberta Business Insurance FAQ

What factors determine my Alberta business insurance quote?

Unlike auto and home insurance (where rates are regulated), business insurance is manually quoted. This means your broker has more room to negotiate your cheapest price. Our brokers understand a low risk business or home based business shouldn't be lumped into the same price bracket as a more complex venture. We get you cheap, discount insurance by having you pay for only the coverages you need.

How small of a business can I insure?

No business is too small. We provide cheap insurance for home based businesses such as photography, independent consulting, individual contractors and beauty consultants. We can insure online businesses that distribute inventory from a basement, garage or storage unit. If you have a business, we can provide the insurance for it.

How large of a business can I insure?

Just as no business is too small, no business is too large for us to provide coverage for. Your personal broker will be able to find a policy to match your growing needs.