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Surex Direct Business Insurance

We compare up to 10 quotes - from Canada's most esteemed business insurance providers - to find you the best commercial insurance rate for your business. Be certain that your company is covered from potential liability claims against it. Don't pay for a generic policy your company doesn't fully use. You deserve affordable coverage, tailored to your needs. We'll negotiate it for you.

Insurance made simple. Speak to a broker or get started online on your personalized offer today.

Business Insurance Quote

Getting your business quote online through Surex Direct is a three step process.

  1. Enter information - Fill in the online quote form. Once your information is entered, you will be assigned a personal broker. The form takes less than five minutes to complete. Forget a detail? That is fine. The system will allow you to modify your information, at any time.
  2. Your broker will contact you shortly. The better you detail the specifics about your business to your broker, the more likely they can negotiate the cheapest commercial rate for you with the underwriters. It can take anywhere from a couple hours to a couple days to get your quote, due to the negotiation and comparing process.
  3. Review your made-for-you quote with your broker.

Insurance made simple. Get your personalized offer today.

Business Insurance Coverages in Canada

All businesses are required to have a commercial general liability policy. Commonly referred to as CGL, commercial general liability protects against claims for property damage and injury.

You can further insure yourself for coverages for equipment, stock or inventory. You can get protection against crime and employee theft. In the case of a downturn in your company’s fortunes, you can get coverage for income loss. We have coverage to look after your machinery and boiler.

Speak to a broker about the different types of liability coverage policies and choose the one that is right for you and your business.

Errors and Omissions Insurance

Errors and omissions insurance protects you against lawsuits for the advice you give, in a professional setting. It provides protection for you and your company against claims not covered by your liability insurance policy.

Errors and omissions policies will vary depending on the industry, sector or service your business occupies. Surex Direct will compare the quotes of companies looking to insure your business and find the right errors and omissions insurance policy to match your needs.

Who should have errors and omissions insurance?

Every business owner should speak with a broker to see if errors and omissions insurance would be beneficial to their line of work. This protects against frivolous or malicious claims. It covers protection for work you have done, in the event a client takes legal action against you. If your business or profession gives professional advice, such as an advertising agency, a consulting firm, a doctor or advisor, you might be vulnerable to actions against you if your service or recommendation falls short of what was required.


An insurance premium is the amount one pays per month (or agreed upon term) for a business insurance policy. An insurance deductible is the amount of money the insured party is required to pay - out of pocket - before their insurance company will step in and cover damages. The amount on your policy can vary. A higher deductible usually means a lower premium (per month cost for your commercial insurance policy). It is essential to make sure you can reasonably afford your business insurance deductible. In the case of a claim, if you cannot pay your deductible, your insurance company will not be able to help with your overall costs.

Business Insurance FAQ

What factors determine my business insurance quote?

Unlike auto and home insurance (where rates are regulated), business insurance is manually quoted. This means your broker has more room to negotiate your cheapest price. Our brokers understand a low risk business or home based business shouldn't be lumped into the same price bracket as a more complex venture. We get you cheap, discount insurance by having you pay for only the coverages you need.

How small of a business can I insure?

No business is too small. We provide cheap insurance for home based businesses such as photography, independent consulting, individual contractors and beauty consultants. We can insure online businesses that distribute inventory from a basement, garage or storage unit. If you have a business, we can provide the insurance for it.

How large of a business can I insure?

Just as no business is too small, no business is too large for us to provide coverage for. Your personal broker will be able to find a policy to match your growing needs.

What provinces does Surex Direct offer business insurance in?

We are currently able to process policies in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Northwest Territories,Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan and Yukon.