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Surex Direct Auto Insurance

We compare up to 10 quotes - from Canada's most respected auto insurance companies - to give you the car insurance rate you deserve. Being able to compare a variety of auto rates is how our brokers consistently find the cheapest car insurance quotes for our customers.

No two auto insurance policies are alike. We factor your vehicle and driving record to customize a car insurance policy specifically for you. We are not an aggregator or third party passing on your valuable information. We offer a true, independent perspective to ensure your auto insurance needs are met - at the cheapest, most affordable rates possible.

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What provinces does Surex Direct offer auto insurance in?

We are currently able to process policies in Alberta, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia and Yukon.

Online Auto Insurance Coverage in Canada

There are three types of automobile coverages available in Canada. They are:

Collision car insurance: If you and another car - or any stationary object - were to collide, financial compensation would be provided to cover the cost of the vehicle repair.

Comprehensive car insurance: Unexpected things happen to your car. Comprehensive car insurance provides peace of mind for those moments. Things such as hitting an animal, fire, theft, vandalism, flood, etc. are covered under this policy.

Liability: Liability car insurance is required, by law, for all drivers. Liability insurance protects others from damages you cause while driving a vehicle. This covers a variety of losses including property damage, bodily injury and death. The price is based on you, the driver, so all vehicles you drive will have the same liability insurance rate. This is the cheapest form of auto insurance, which means it has the lowest coverage.

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An insurance premium is the amount one pays per month (or agreed upon term) for an auto insurance policy on their vehicle. An insurance deductible is the amount of money the insured party is required to pay - out of pocket - before their insurance company will step in and cover damages. The amount on your policy can vary. A higher deductible usually means a lower premium (per month cost for your car insurance policy). It is essential to make sure you can reasonably afford your auto insurance deductible. In the case of an accident, if you cannot pay your deductible, your insurance company will not be able to help with your overall costs.

Discounts for Cheap Car Insurance in Canada

Surex Direct offers a comprehensive list of discounts to get you cheap auto insurance.

Discounts include:

  • Bundle discount
  • Group discount
  • Credit discount
  • Experienced driver discount
  • Short commute discount
  • Mature citizen discount
  • Hybrid vehicle discount
  • Anti-theft discount
  • Loyalty discount
  • Renewal discount
  • Claims-free discount
  • New business discount
  • Flex discount
  • Student discount
  • Occupation discount
  • Multi-vehicle discount


Most companies have a 24/7 line to contact (check your insurance card for phone number). You can also call or email your broker directly to submit a claim.

You will need:

  1. Time of accident.
  2. Date of accident.
  3. Location of accident.
  4. Description of accident.
  5. Photos of accident (if possible).
  6. Police report (if possible).

Insurance Brokers

Every client deserves a personal broker. Our brokers know that providing cheap, discount rates leads to long-term clients. From your quote to inquiries about your policy to processing claims, you will deal with the same broker.

It is important to know that in the unfortunate case of an accident or insurance claim against you, we will compare our insurance company partners to make sure your new auto rate is the cheapest we can offer. This is in contrast to dealing with other direct insurance sources (such as banks, co-ops or agents) that may have conflicting interests when it comes to your new insurance rate.

Get your personalized offer today.

Auto Insurance FAQ

Is there a way to know if my current car insurance policy is still the cheapest available policy for me?

It is recommended that you speak to your personal broker 30-60 days before renewal of your auto insurance policy so your broker can compare rates to get you the cheapest rate.

What seasonal/recreational vehicles can I insure on my automobile policy?

We compare prices to provide cheap insurance for ATV, motorhomes, trailers, boats, etc. Check online or contact your broker for a quote.

Who is covered under my car insurance policy?

Anybody who is given permission by you, the insured, can be covered under your auto insurance policy. However, this applies to rare or infrequent driving by others. For questions concerning certain situations, contact your broker.

Who should be on a car insurance policy?

Any driver with an insurance interest should be on your policy. For auto insurance, that would include anyone registered to the vehicle.

Can I get proof of automobile insurance online? Do I need my permanent insurance card in my vehicle?

Yes, you can get proof of car insurance online. However, we highly recommend that you keep your up-to-date insurance card in your vehicle. In the instance of getting pulled over for a driving violation, your actual insurance card is the only piece of proof that is 100% accepted.

What documents do I need for an auto insurance quote in a new province?

  1. Claims Experience Letter (CEL).
  2. Three year driving abstract.
  3. New provincial license (within 90 days).

What provinces does Surex Direct offer auto insurance in?

We are currently able to process policies in Alberta, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia and Yukon.